Felted Products
Wool fibers are unique from other types of fibers in that they are covered with tiny, overlapping scales which makes them look like pine cones under a microscope. When these fibers and their scales rub against each other, they can form an irreversible mat. When compacted under pressure, heat and moisture, the wool will shrink into felt. The benefits of felt is that the process makes wool less permeable, warmer, sturdier and more water resistant. Unintentional felting is a common occurrence when wool sweaters are washed in warm water and then agitated in a dryer.

There are many uses for felted items - from insulative yurt coverings to clothing and blankets to the hammers on a piano!

With the abundance of wool that we are able to procure from our sheep, we have been making various animals, sculptures and home-use items. We mostly use the technique of needle felting and some wet felting.


Colourful bees!

Mouse Dancer.

Sheep... from sheep! Made with wool from Brando (white) and Badger (brown for eyes).

The flock.

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