When all the animal and garden chores are done for the day, we make time to enjoy the other 'raw materials' that the land provides for us to play with . We are blessed with a diverse and abundant forest and the various farm minden piles offer up other fun finds (antique glass bottles, old rusted and broken tools).

With these and other materials, we make a variety of products and seasonal items for sale at the Boutique. Below are links to specific types of crafts and products that we specialize in.

Other items available at the Boutique:

+ Pop-up greeting cards
+ Steam-bent spatulas and cooking utensils
+ Recycled tin items
+ Raw wool for spinning or felting
+ Small hand-forged items
+ Felted animals

These and other items can be viewed and purchased at the Farm Boutique. For viewing or purchase of larger items, contact us to make an appointment.

Farm Boutique Open May to October, 24/7!

845 Galway Road, Kinmount, Ontario


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