Lamb & Mutton
Out of respect for the animals, we only sell whole sheep, not half sheep. Out of respect for our customers, all our sheep are custom butchered into roasts, rolls, and chops. Because everyone's lamb and mutton eating needs are unique, we offer different sizes of lambs, so you can ensure that you are purchasing a quantity of meat that best serves your needs. Our sheep vary in weight from 15 lbs to 150 lbs.

Lamb available starting July 2018.

Young Lamb: $11.50/ lb
Pastured Lamb: $10.50/lb
Young Mutton: $9/lb

Mutton and lamb are available for pick-up at the farm.
Bring large insulated coolers with sufficient ice packs.

Delivery to the Greater Toronto Area can be arranged for an additional fee.
Please contact us to make arrangements.
About Our Sheep

We are very thankful to have the opportunity to care for a small flock of sheep. We began in 2012 when we obtained a set of twin lambs from a local shepherd we had met at a local fair. Over the years, the flock has grown to over a dozen sheep of various breeds who live on pastureland beside our house. We take care of this flock of animals because sheep are nice to be around, they help us to improve the vitality of both wild and domestic landscapes, they are a source of delicious meat, and they are very happy to share their beautiful wool. We appreciate everything the sheep provide us with, and are dedicated to providing every one of our sheep with the best possible life. To us, that means each individual sheep is healthy and enjoying her life.

Flock of sheep in pasture

Clover with her lambs, Licorice and Pepper.

Sheep Production

All our sheep are raised on chemical free pasture, with free access to a clean, airy, naturally lit shelter. We supplement the sheep with salt licks, plants, and plant-based treatments to facilitate good health in the flock. We do not use chemical vaccines, dewormers, or routine medications because we believe that meat should be as nature makes it. In the spring, summer and fall, the sheep eat the plants that grow in and around their pasture (various grasses, wild flowers and herbs, wild fruit, evergreens and deciduous trees). In the fall, winter and spring, we feed the sheep hay grown 30km down the road, and we supplement their diet with leafy branches of wild cherry, boughs of fresh evergreens, and garlic. Due to the threat of predation, the sheep are guarded by a donkey while they range the pasture during the day, and at night, they are closed into their shelter, with fresh water and a treat of oats.
The flock of ewes are introduced to a ram once a year, giving the sheep an opportunity to breed naturally. In the best interests of our sheep, we delay lambing until late spring. Weather permitting, this gives the pregnant ewes some time of fresh, spring grass to boost their prenatal health after a winter of eating dry hay, whole oats, fresh pine and cedar. We believe that when lambs are born onto green pasture, ewes are able to provide more nourishing milk for a shorter period of time, making it easier for lambs to wean themselves from milk to grass. This benefits the health of all the sheep, and gives the ewes time to prepare their bodies for another opportunity to breed.
Our 2017-2018 ram, Ramon.
We are equally committed to providing our flock of sheep with the best possible care, as we are to providing consumers with quality meat free from medications or antibiotics. While we believe it is our responsibility to care for sick or injured sheep with appropriate, veterinary supervised health care, we also believe that it is our responsibility to only sell meat that comes from non-medicated animals who have not been exposed to antibiotics.
Thistlecroft Mutton and Lamb Avaialbale for 2018

Our sheep vary in weight from 15 lbs to 150 lbs.

Regardless of individual size, each sheep provides the following products:

2 shoulder roasts
2 racks of ribs
2 leg roasts
2 back loins
2 tender loins
2 fore shanks
2 hind shanks
2 breast rolls (brisket)
2 belly rolls (flank)
1 neck
1 heart
1 tongue
1 liver (if available)
1 pkg testes/ prairie oysters (if available)
1-2 pkgs ground trimmings
1-2 pkgs fat
1-4 pkgs bones

Use lamb bones to make nutritious, calcium-rich broth. Lamb stock is a mild tasting, light coloured broth that naturally thickens to a jelly when it cools.

Don't forget, each sheep also provides a natural fleece covered hide. As part of our “whole sheep” approach, we offer our meat customers the opportunity to purchase washable, tanned sheep skins at the special Whole Sheep price of $95.
Young Lamb (Available in July)
Young lamb is a small sized animal with exceptionally tender, sweet, juicy meat. Most cuts of Milk Lamb are ideal for cooking techniques that are hot and fast, such as searing, grilling and some types of roasts, but shanks and neck will quickly cook into tender stews. Meat quality is comparable to veal and suckling pig. Fleece and hides from these young lambs is the softest available.

Weight of meat on Young Lamb: Approximately 15-25 lbs
Price per lb: $11.50/lb

Pastured Lamb (Available September)

Our pasture raised lamb is a medium sized animal with tender juicy meat, and the sweet Ontario flavour that is mildly meaty and savoury enough to eat straight off the grill, no additional seasoning required. Pastured lamb can be prepared in many different ways: from roasts to stews, braises to grilling chops. Our pastured lambs range in size from small, medium to large, so you can ensure that you are purchasing the right amount of meat to suit your needs. Fleece and hides of pastured lambs are soft, with medium density.

Weight of meat on Pastured Lamb : Approximately 25-80 lbs
Price per lb: $10.50/lb

Young Mutton (2-3 years) (available August-October)

Our sheep live full and active lives, and depending of the breed of sheep, can grow to be either small or large sized animals. Our young mutton is a pleasant tasting full-flavoured meat, delicious for roasts and grills; highlighted with additional seasoning or marination with herbs and spices. Because mutton is a more mature meat, slow and moist cooking methods such as braising and stewing will increase the tenderness of the meat texture. Mutton can also be processed into ground meat, ideal for burgers, meat balls, and casseroles. The fleece and hides of older sheep are strong and dense.

Weight of meat on Young Mutton: Approximately 75-150 lbs
Price per lb: $9/lb

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