Wool Products
Our flock of sheep produce beautiful fleeces which we use for various crafts. We sometimes process the wool on-farm and we also bring it to a local wool mill. We also keep the hides of our lambs and sheep which are processed at a tannery in Southwestern Ontario.

We offer various products for sale and for use including:

+ Sheepskins
+ Raw Fleece
+ Roving
+ Hand spun yarns
+ Felted Items
+ Wildcrafted Dye Materials

Only some products are sold at the Farm Boutique.

Contact us for availability and prices.

Ginger (Border Lecister) with baby Yoda (Border Lecister-Dorset cross).
The sheep of Thistlecroft are hard working ewes, producing beautiful fleece on rocky pasture, off-season gardens, the edge of the woods, the abundant and lush grass growing around the house, and locally grown hay cut just for them.

They grow their fleece naturally, their birthright as living creatures. Each sheep grows her own unique coat, a special one to meet the needs of each winter, as determined by the elements.

Flock of sheep - half of them shorn.
We shear our sheep when the warm weather makes their wool uncomfortable. Usually this is in the spring, but some sheep like to be shorn twice a year, the denseness of their particular wool growing to produce a warm coat during warm Ontario autumns.

We take direction from the sheep themselves- each sheep lets us know that her fleece is uncomfortable by rubbing and scratching, as well as by coming to us more frequently for pets. Each sheep has her own shearing needs, and by listening to them, we are able to make shearing a LOT easier for everyone.
Washable Sheepskins

Each sheepskin is unique to the sheep that it came from. They vary in colour, density and texture; each reflecting their own breed characteristics, time of shearing, and time of harvesting. Our sheep hides are collected on the day of their slaughter. We then salt them at home and bring them for processing to Atlas Tanning and Dyes Ltd. in Blythe, Ontario. The tanning process keeps the wool on the leather and makes the hides more durable and washable. The entire tanning process takes approximately six months.

For those who order a Whole Lamb or Mutton, we offer their sheepskins at a special price of $95.

Uses of sheepskins:
+ Coats, vests, hats, gloves and boots
+ Seat covers for in the house and in cars
+ Bed underlayment for medical patients which have been proven to prevent bedsores, ulcers and provides general comfort
+ Bed lining for babies
+ Rugs and throws
+ Saddle pads

The benefits of sheepskins include:
+ Wool is highly insulative which keeps bodies warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
+ Wool wicks moisture (persperation) which prevents the conditions that allow bacteria to thrive. In fact, unlike other fibres, wool can absorb moisture up to 33% of the wool weight without feeling wet!
+ Natural wool fibers do not conduct electricity.
+ Did we mention that it is extremely soft!?

To purchase a sheepskin, email or phone us.



Dimensions (LxW): 36"x 27"

Length of locks: 2"
Natural colour: Ivory
Density of wool: Medium
Texture of wool: Silky soft



Dimensions (LxW): 40"x 28"

Length of locks: 2.5"
Natural colour: Ivory
Density of wool: Medium
Texture of wool: Silky soft



Dimensions (LxW): 39"x 25"

Length of locks: 2.5"
Natural colour: White
Density of wool: Medium
Texture of wool: Soft



Dimensions (LxW): 41"x 26"

Length of locks: 4"
Natural colour: Dual-coated fleece;
Slivery-white with darker grey and brown accents
Density of wool: Heavy
Texture of wool: Silky coarse



Dimensions (LxW): 44"x 31"

Length of locks: 3.5"
Natural colour: White
Density of wool: Extra Heavy
Texture of wool: Coarse



Dimensions (LxW): 41"x 27"

Length of locks: 2"
Natural colour: White with charcoal accents
Density of wool: Medium
Texture of wool: Soft


Fleece & Yarn

Raw fleece.

Semi-processed fleece.

Wool being turned into yarn with a drop spindle.

Hand spun and dyed yarns for sale.

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